Thursday, April 21, 2005


I usually don't just aggregate other peoples content. Instead, I list all the sites I read daily to the right (courtesy of Bloglines).

But, after spending the last hour or so reading through the last 24 hours of posts from the feeds I follow, I found three particularly cool/interesting things to share and comment on:

1. Tablet PC art from How cool is this??

2. BusinessWeek's latest cover story: Blogs Will Change your Business. As we geeks like to say: s/Business/Organization/! As those of you who are my friends know, my father is a rabbi in Los Angeles. Recently, I've been talking to him about starting a blog to engage his congregation (and even those outside of his congregation). Hopefully, one of these day's he'll bite.

3. A news story that's been making the rounds in the last 24 hours: Microsoft Caves on Gay Rights. It's a rather upsetting situation, but the issue aside, I think it's quite spectacular how the "blogosphere" community has taken on the issue in only a matter of hours with emotional stories and comments on popular sites like Slashdot, Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble's blog, and as of only 13 minutes ago, The New York Times. (The story seems to have originated at AMERICAblog)

4. On a much lighter note, this Sunbeam 20-in-1 Superior Panel is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Review here. Hmm.. how cool would this be in the dash of a car...

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