Sunday, April 10, 2005

3:00am Sunday morning

Just spent another late night in the lab on North Campus working on mates. We're getting close. I've been spending most of my time optimizing sql queries and tuning the dbms so that most of the web service calls take at most 1/9th of a second to complete (and it seems to scale). It's a location-based social networking system, so the functionality is very join-heavy. Heap tables for message queues and hash-based equi-joins have done us well.

I found out tonight that my friend Mike got hired at Apple. He'll be working as a developer on the Java Framework team. Congrats to him -- he certainly deserves it!

Last but not least, my friend and former classmate Jill just came back from the CHI Conference in Portland. She had an amazing time and I'm totally jealous. She sent me a few very cool links to info on projects that were on display:

The I/O Brush (You HAVE to watch one of the videos -- you won't regret it!)

Virtual Raft Project

Jetsam: An Urban Probe

The Bubble Cursor


And with that, I bid you goodnight!

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