Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Lost is soooo amazing. If you haven't gotten into it, I strongly suggest signing up for Netflix and checking out the first season DVD.

Something's wrong with my cable box or service. Not sure if it's the Motorola hardware, the Microsoft software, the service, or something else, but for some reason, the HD audio cuts out from time to time. In this case, I couldn't hear the last 2 minutes of the Lost episode! Killer!

So, I went to the Lost web site and found the name of the episode: Lockdown. Then I searched Google for "Lost Lockdown", but didn't find anything because all of the blog entries were too new (within the last 3 hours). So I did the same search over on Technorati, and found tons of cool info!

I totally didn't realize that Locke's customer was Nadia, or catch the "if I had a husband" comment (I was thinking she was a lesbian. Hah.).

Later, when writing this post, I remembered that Google actually does have a Blog Search, which actually seems to have good recent Lost episode info. But their Blog Search isn't discoverable, so you sorta have to know about it (I had to actually type "google blog search" into Google to find it).

Anyhow, can't wait until next week! I haven't had this much of a rush going since X-Files in the early 90s! (or maybe since Alias or 24, I suppose... but those have gone downhill, dontcha think?)

p.s. I used to make fun of my coworkers for reading Lost web forums. I've totally succumbed. This is HILARIOUS.

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Josh said...

"Alias" went downhill because J.J. Abrams got bored with it and moved on to making "Lost". I think "Alias" still had a lot of potential and I'm pissed at Abrams for letting it go. That's one of the reasons I refuse to watch "Lost". I'm stubborn like that.

"24" has its ups and downs. I still like it a lot, but it's lost a little something.