Saturday, March 18, 2006

Coffee, anyone?

I took a huge bag of coins I'd been collecting for about 4 years now into the supermarket and pumped 'em into Coinstar.


203 quarters
854 dimes
508 nickels
2058 pennies

The grand total was $182.13. Not too shabby, considering it didn't include all the quarters that went to coin-op laundry back in Michigan!

But here's the kicker... if you take your profits in the form of a gift card instead of cash, you get to keep 100% of the amount you put in (only some machines support gift cards, so you should do an advanced search on first before running for the nearest supermarket).

So now I've got a $182.13 Starbucks card.

Coffee, anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Sure man, I've been reading you blog for a while and I would love to meet you sometimes but I am from NJ by the way. I will send you an e-mail pretty soon.