Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yet another post entitled Work, work, work.

The last few days have been pretty intense. Things are chugging right along at work, and my team is pushing hard to get out of the planning phase of our new product. We're currently operating under Microsoft's "Product Cycle Model" software development methodology. I found this pretty damn informational powerpoint presentation on our download site -- it gives a pretty good overview of PCM. I also tried Googling for the site that links to this presentation, but couldn't find it. Hopefully the download link won't die anytime soon. Anyhow, there are lots of different software development methodologies in use at Microsoft -- groups still using PCM will likely move away into more iterative and agile methodologies over time. But for now, we're stuck chugging along trying to push our way out of planning.

So today I had my first feature area review with my group's product unit manager and the rest of our management team. I presented what I've been working on, and it went pretty well. He's a down to business kind of guy -- not much positive affirmation or warm fuzzy feedback. But yeah, all and all it went well, and got lots of useful feedback out of it. Now I've just got one more review to do tomorrow with the same group. We're a small team, so I've got 3 big feature areas... which is cool. Once the reviews are over and our deliverables are in, we're out of planning and into design, where I'll be spending the next month with my head down writing functional specifications on exactly how features in my feature areas will work.

So yeah, been spending lots of time at work... a few very long days. But it's been fun, and I'm taking a break this weekend and flying down to the Bay Area for labor day. I actually took a few years off of school after my first year, and spent some time living and working out there (for a software company called Xtime). I always love getting back there and seeing all of my friends and former coworkers.

Oh, on a somewhat random note.. I've started using Macromedia Fireworks at work to make UI mockups. It's amazing! It's like a cross between Photoshop and Visio. The frames feature is especially cool. Love it.

Okay, that's all for now. Need to stop rambling and go make some dinner and change laundry.

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Jay said...

We, too, have a seemingly cumbersome PCM (although ours is a PDM - Product Development Methology). Thankfully, I'm more involved with planning and rollout, so I seldom have to write specs - they drive me nuts.

And yeah, Fireworks rocks like crazy. I had to use it for an intership in college and have used it ever since. It works well with Dreamweaver too, which is pretty slick as well.

Gotta get to work, take it easy!