Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Linux > Windows Mobile ?

Russell Beattie is "betting that the future of mobility will be Linux, and not Symbian, Windows or anything else".

I disagree.

I don't really feel like spending an hour of my time writing a big pro-Microsoft anti-Linux diatribe on the subject (because it will come off as biased and I'm actually neither pro-Microsoft or anti-Linux), so suffice it to say that I disagree with Russell on quite a few of his claims and simply think he's as wrong about Linux as he was about Symbian.

He also claimed this article supports a statement that Linux has outshipped Windows Mobile devices, when in fact explicitly notes:

One slightly misleading factor is that Gartner apparently does not include Windows Mobile "Pocket PC Phones" in the smartphone data. Thus, relative market shares of Linux and Windows may actually be closer than the Gartner data suggest.

In other words, it doesn't include any of these Windows Mobile devices -- like the one in my pocket right now.

Oops. I'm letting myself get dragged into it. Stopping.

Time will tell.


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