Thursday, September 08, 2005

Damn you, Scoble!

Damn you, Scoble!

I'm laying in bed, about to slam shut the laptop and go to sleep. But no, that little red plus on the Bloglines notifier icon is too tempting. Work was busy, I didn't have the chance to read a single blog today, so I figure I'll peak and see what's new in the Blogosphere.

What do I find? Channel9 has 5 kick-ass videos up of interviews with Bill Gates, Marc McDonald, Scott Guthrie and ASP.NET, Jeff Barr from Amazon, and Jason Shellen from Google (the dude who created the site that powers this blog).

There goes another hour of my time watching cool Microsoft videos. Nevermind that I spent the last hour and a half of my workday watching internal videos of new Vista technologies. Now you're invading my bed! Gee, I wonder what I'll be dreaming about tonight.. (hint: Clear. Confident. Connected.) *sigh*

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ro said...

talk about being m$'s bitch. dont you ever wake up wondering what else life has to offer?