Thursday, May 25, 2006

Off For The Weekend...

Decided at the last minute to go camping with some friends in the San Juan Islands (how cool is the new Windows Live Local traffic feature!). Too much craziness at work lately. Need some playtime.

Tonight I went bar hopping with my roommate and some of his friends from Seattle Works. They were all very cool. Great way to meet people - if you're in Seattle, definitely suggest checking it out (says the guy who just joins in for the bar hopping adventures).

Something that blows my mind: Travelzoo had a promotion where they sent their 10 millionth email list subscriber into space. After a little bit of web searching, apparently a trip into suborbital space runs at around $100K, a trip to the space station runs around $20 mil, and around the moon runs around $100 mil. I think we'll start seeing more of this type of crazy promotion. Kudos to Travelzoo for such early creative thinking (or has anyone seen someone else do this already?).

Crazy crazy world.

Anyhow, I'm off for a few days. Here's to a relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

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