Monday, May 08, 2006

Analysts h8 poorly designed Vista security features

Via an eWeek article:

News Analysis: In a scathing review of the security features built into preview versions of Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista operating system, one analyst contends that the software giant's highly-touted security features are self-defeating and may cause some customers to put off adoption of the OS altogether.

My favorite part:

By forcing end users with such accounts to constantly seek approval from administrators to complete tasks they manipulate freely in today's versions of Windows, and creating headaches for those people charged with handing out such permissions, Jaquith said the features may simply be ignored or shut off by many people.

"The User Account Control feature is like Chatty Kathy, it's always in your face and the danger is that users are going to start treating it like the snooze button on their alarm clock and hitting 'yes' without looking to see why they've been prompted," said Jaquith. "A lot of people, especially home users, will probably turn the feature off so they'll essentially be no better off than before."

Hmm.. I ranted about this and emailed the Vista team 3 weeks ago.

Recently, 2 of the bugs I filed against the new version of Office got punted as "by design". Bottom line: It's a lot harder to fix design bugs than it is code bugs.

I hope this one doesn't slip through the cracks.

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