Sunday, June 04, 2006

iriver clix!

Last time I looked for a new mp3 player, I was pretty bummed out about the selection at the time.

Now that I've gotten hooked on URGE, I figured it was time to look around again. What'd I find? The new iriver clix!

This thing looks awesome. Reviews: CNET, PCMAG, Wired, Anything But iPod.

I actually found the device through the new advanced search. I was looking for a portal music player that met the following rough requirements:

1. Works with Windows Media DRM (i.e. URGE) download and subscription content
2. Internal rechargeable battery (via USB)
3. Flash storage (lightweight, low battery usage, no moving parts)
4. Relatively small and lightweight
5. FM tuner (mainly for the gym TVs, but also useful when traveling internationally)

The iriver clix seems perfect. At $200, it sits right at the upper end of the acceptable impulse buy price range (though I have been waiting 9+ months for it).

Unfortunately, I couldn't find it listed online at any local stores. So, it's on the way via UPS (iriver's web site lets you buy direct).

Can't wait!

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