Saturday, December 30, 2006

Movies, cell phones, and Linux...

I recently watched two rather amazing movies.. the first, via Netflix, was City of God. The second, in a theatre last night, was Children of Men. Children of Men may just be the most under-hyped movie of 2006. It was incredible, and while possibly hard to find (only in one theatre around here), I highly recommend checking it out.

A Russian web site has posted some information about new HTC phones coming in 2007. The Vox, and its successor, the Wings, both look pretty spiffy. I like the numeric keypad on the front for quick, easy dialing and texting, and the slideout keypad for sending longer messages or entering data that's hard to key in with t9. The new clamshell model also looks pretty slick. My first HTC phone was a Blue Angel, then a Tornado. I've been waiting for a new model with a slim form factor, 3G, and integrated GPS. 2007 just might be the year to upgrade.

This morning I came across an interview with the founder of Ubuntu Linux. A coworker of mine showed me a recent version of Ubunto on his laptop, and I was pretty amazed. It's come a long way since the early versions I played with a couple years back. It has some cool, original UI effects that I haven't seen in Windows nor OS X, and according to my coworker has had better plug and play support for some of his devices than Windows or OS X as well. That's quite an accomplishment for a Linux distribution.

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