Sunday, July 23, 2006

MySpace is down, play pacman instead...

I went to myspace to read a new message someone sent me.. but it's down..

I think their chill attitude rocks.. "hopefully we'll be back online within the hour. its 6:40pm PST now. wanna place a bet? -Tom"..

Well, it's 9:40pm.. I guess Tom loses.. but at least they let me play pacman while I wait.

Myspace is the most viewed site on the Internet - above Yahoo, Google, and MSN. A whopping 4.46% of all US Internet visits during the first week of this month were to Myspace (according to Hitwise).

And despite that.. they still front the chill attitude - "hey bro, power's out.. play some pacman while we get it working aiiight?"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

True - they are chill. But I wonder what Rupert Murdoch was really saying at his staff meeting this morning?? ;-)

~ nino