Sunday, July 02, 2006

Time Off

I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks to Tel Aviv.

When I see anything new and exciting, I'll be sure to blog it. I'll also try to upload new photos as often as possible - pictures from my last two trips to Israel are here and here.

I was running low on extra reading material around the house, and picked up a few new books today for my trip: Emotional Intelligence, The Design of Everyday Things, Built to Last, and Purple Cow. I'm also stuffing my messenger bag full of recent issues of Business Week, Fast Company, GQ, and Details that I haven't gotten to yet.

As I was creating the links to books at Amazon in the previous paragraph, I realized that I spent $78.17 on these 4 books at a brick and mortar Barnes and Noble. The total price: $47.22 (or $37.47 for cheaper editions I could've bought online but weren't at B&N).

I guess $40.70 is the price I pay for not thinking to order my books online ahead of time. Of course, I could save even more if I bought them used through Amazon like I used to do in college (the problem with used is that they arrive one by one, and I'm never around to accept deliveries - and no free shipping).

Anyhow, I'm surprised people still keep brick and mortar book stores in business. Oh wait, didn't the Borders in Bellevue just close?

Cya from the road.

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