Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Arrived: Tel Aviv!

IMAGE_146.jpgAfter a couple days of traveling, with a day stopover in New York city, finally arrived in Tel Aviv. The city is so amazing, beautiful, and fun - I will upload lots of cool pictures soon.

In New York City, my Dad and I grabbed breakfast at Norma's. They had a $1,000 omelet on the menu, which I found worthy of capturing with my camera phone, but we didn't spring for it (you can see it on their menu here).

I've seen a few new/interesting things so far along the way.

1. The Continental 1st class lounge in Newark is amazing. I'd never been in a 1st class lounge before (I snuck in with my Dad, who is flying 1st). Huge lounge, huge windows, comfy chairs, tables, free phones, places to plug in laptops, bar with free liquor, beer.. quite the way to fly. If I flew more often, I'd consider springing for one of these club memberships.

2. My Dad and I hit a Barnes and Noble (yes, after my last rant about them being overpriced), where I convinced him to pick up a copy of Robert Scoble and Shel Israel's book, Naked Conversations. I tried to convince him to start a blog last summer, but the effort dwindled due to lack of time. I think a blog could have some great effects on his temple in Los Angeles, so I'm going to keep pushing.

3. There are Windows Mobile ads *everywhere*. In Penn Station in NYC, the entire central waiting area was plastered with ads. The W downtown had a big Q ad down the side, and I've seen similar ones here in Israel. Every magazine I've been reading from Business Week to GQ has full page ads for multiple Windows Mobile devices. Between the pure Microsoft Windows Mobile marketing, and the operator-branded device marketing, it's absolutely insane.

Anyhow.. just a few notable things I've come across/thoughts that have been running through my mind.. I think that pictures from my non-camera-phone-camera will be incredibly powerful when I upload them - I'm trying to capture as much of the cool stuff I see as possible. Unfortunately, it's hard to capture the feeling of an hour run along the Mediterranean sea at 6:15am watching the sun come up along the old city of Jaffa. But, I'll share what I can. :)



shel israel said...

Let me know if you need more help convincing your dad. he and I are probably about the same age. I'm the guy who isn't Robert Scoble, who co-authored Naked Conversations.

adamjh said...

Thanks Shel, he might just take you up on the offer - seems to love what he's read so far.

(Sorry for forgetting to include your name in the initial post!)