Friday, February 10, 2006

A Product Placement Morale Event

This morning, my team at Microsoft had a "morale event". We went to see the movie Firewall together in Redmond at 9am.

The movie was like a big Microsoft commercial. It was so hilarious. Every time a laptop was opened or a desktop shown, there was a bright blue background prominently featuring the Windows XP logo. There were seconds of screen time featuring emails being sent in Microsoft Outlook. Even Visio made a short cameo. And when the shit hit the fan, Microsoft Operations Manager (one of my team's most popular products!) was there to alert Harrison Ford. Oh, and there was tracking of a dog using a GPS collar and Windows Live Local.

Someone in marketing is getting a big bonus this year. ;-)

It was a bit ridiculous. But hey, who can pass up some comic relief with the coworkers on a Friday morning?

Now, off to hit the Whistler ski slopes for the weekend (and yes, today does count as a vacation day)!

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