Monday, November 21, 2005

John Varvatos USA & Barneys COOP

Spent the day shopping with Mom at South Coast Plaza, by far one of the most fabulous malls in Southern California. Every time I come back to LA, I'm blown away by the city's sense of fashion (and OC too!).

People here are so well-dressed.. tan.. and generally sexy.. and drive such beautiful, overpriced cars. It's so fabulously superficial! Ah, I miss home.

So, the two gems I discovered today were the John Varvatos USA line at his store in the mall and the Barneys COOP store just across the way.

The John Varvatos USA line (seen in pictures) is a little more hipster and casual than his main line. It's also a fraction of the price. It had its own little room in the back of the South Coast store.

The Barneys COOP was neat too. It's a betapilot store -- one of seven. It had an awesome selection of jeans and casualwear. Highly recommend checking it out.

That's all for now!

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