Friday, November 11, 2005

I'd have to say it was a good day...

Weird day.

Instead of driving over to Redmond, I met a coworker at Sure Shot in the U district for coffee. We brought our laptops and worked at 2x productivity for ~4 hours. Then we grabbed lunch in Cap Hill, and worked at my place for another hour or two.

Our team hit a major milestone last week, and at the urging of our product unit manager, we stopped by a party to celebrate downtown. Open bar. Can't complain.

Ended up bar hopping with a bunch of coworkers for about 8 hours. Jillians, W, Del Rey, Axis, Pesos. I tried to Dodgeball, but my Windows Mobile phone doesn't like sending SMS messages to email addresses (and dodgeball doesn't accept messages via email - boo).

Hanging out with coworkers outside of work is > *. Bonding++;

Need sleep now.

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