Friday, November 04, 2005

Entertainment Update!

Everyone at work was talking about Lost when it started back up this season, so I started watching, and instantly became hooked. Since I've spent 10pm-midnight throughout the last week and a half catching up on the 1st season DVD set (thanks Netflix!), my bedroom has become a jungle of dirty laundry and dirty dishes. It's beautiful.

With work keeping me busy during the day, and Lost keeping me busy at night, I've also been seriously neglecting my blog. So, I figured what better time for a brief Entertainment Update!

I've seen a few movies recently that I really liked (these have all been added to the side column on my blog too). In no particular order:

Igby Goes Down
Come Undone
Spirited Away
La Femme Nikita
Playing by Heart
Km. 0

In addition to Lost, I've also started watching Weeds on Showtime. It's sooo good. And, I've been watching a documentary series on Sundance called Transgeneration. Eye opening stuff.

I've stopped watching Law & Order, Queer as Folk (series ended), and South Park.

The Wire, one of my all-time favorite series, is returning in 2006. Woohoo.

I started reading Getting Things Done by David Allen, but put it down after about 50 pages. I buy into his ideas, but there was some irony in that in order to become "stress free", I found myself reading a 250 page book about workflows I should implement to manage my life. I'll probably pick it back up again, but for now, I needed some fiction, and settled on Snow Crash.

I've also posted links in the side column to two local radio stations - KEXP and C89.5. They both offer free streams over the Internet. Check them out.

That's the news up to the minute. I'll be spending the rest of the weekend at the 9th annual Microsoft Puzzle Hunt - solving some of the world's toughest puzzles with a team of some of the world's smartest puzzle solvers, competing against hundreds of the world's other smartest puzzle solvers. I can't wait ;-). Some of the puzzles from PuzzleHunt II (2000) are online if you wanna check em out.

The Microsoft-sponsored College Puzzle Challenge also starts next week for students at Columbia, Cornell, MIT, University of Michigan, USC, University of Texas, and University of Toronto. One of my coworkers is taking the whole week off to go back to school to recruit and run the Challenge. Lucky bastard!

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