Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I'm getting restless.

I love working at Microsoft, and I'm lucky to have fallen in with an excellent group, but it's a far cry from some of the cool stuff I was working on at the University of Michigan.

I'm passionate about search, social networking, presence and chat, recommender and reputation systems, and most of all location aware software. I love building software that incorporates these concepts, pushes the limits of technology, and will be used and loved by millions of consumers.

Unfortunately, this isn't what I'm doing at Microsoft, despite everything else about my job being great.

So, I've decided it's time to start coding for hobby again. I have some kickass ideas, and it's time to bring them to life.

The plan is to put down the books, lay off the TV and Netflix, and start building something great. I'll still be giving Microsoft 100%, but I'm still young (well, somewhat young), and can afford to resist becoming complacent just yet.

More info to come...

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Sudar said...


So I could see one more heading ('My Pet Project') in your right side panel.

All the best and do let us know what you are going to work on.