Sunday, October 16, 2005

Xbox 360 + MediaCenter = ::drool::

There's an awesome interview up on Channel 9 with a few guys from the Xbox 360 and Media Center teams:

Xbox 360 and Media Center: Living room of the future

I've seen live demos of this stuff, and I'm convinced it will truly revolutionize home entertainment.

I'll definitely be picking up a 360 this holiday season. I'm also due for a new PC sometime soon (current one is a heavily modded 5 year old 1.2Ghz Dell Dimension - OLD!). Did you know Dell PCs for home users ship with Windows XP Media Center Edition by default now? Hmmm!

And the day Media Center supports cable cards is the day I kick my Comcast cable box to the curb. Isn't it fun having customers BEG you to build something they're ready to open their wallet for?

Then all I'll need is a 720p native HDTV, a Dolby surround sound system with optical in, and an 802.11a home network.

Quite the holiday season wishlist, eh? :-)

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