Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Life without "is" is...

... null.

Software testing is a polarizing topic. Some people swear by software testers ("SDET"s at Microsoft) and demand a 1:1 developer:tester ratio, others think they're not worth the overhead whatsoever and that developers should test their own code (and we'll hear about the rest from customer service). Usually the latter camp begins to cave when they find themselves running a global service and stuff like this starts to surface at 4:30am the morning after a change.


Anyhow: "Adam Herscher is preparing for the 15 hour journey from Beaver Island, MI back home to Los Angeles, CA" (and is not null)

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Jeff W. said...

Let's emphasize the value of the SDET role :-) - obviously it is something that can only be justified for the largest of companies, and those with a large established user base - SDEs can wear the hat as necessary 'til then.

Probably no SDET openings at Flux for a while :-) ?