Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Recommendations: Stocks/Finance/Investment tracking sites

Can anyone recommend a web site I can use to track both investments I've made and investments I may be interested in making?

I don't have a long list of requirements, but supporting individual stocks on foreign exchanges is key (i.e. Lenovo: 0992.HK, HTC: 2498.TW). This requirement alone seems to rule out SocialPicks, Google Finance, and MSN Money (Google will show the stock info but not support adding it to a portfolio).

Yahoo Finance is the only one I've found that supports adding such stocks to a portfolio for tracking, but the design is rather stale, boring, and just not fun to use.

I'm not looking for a brokerage site, paid service, rich client software, or a sidebar/dashboard/portal gadget/widget (unless it's so cool I can't afford to not check it out).

Any recommendations? :-)

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