Thursday, January 05, 2006

Back To The Grind!

Well, work picked back up again and pulled me away from my blog.

It's been a crazy week. Crazy and productive. Gotta love that feeling when the end of the week approaches and you look back and can honestly feel "Gee, I got a lot done this week."

I've been blogging quite a bit over on Location X. I like the idea of building a blog on a niche subject that I'm incredibly passionate about. I'm keeping it separate from this blog because it probably has a different audience (a narrow group of nerds like me who are somehow fascinated with location aware software and location based services), but I'll probably cross-link to posts from time to time.

Other stuff that I've found interesting over the last few days:

Second Life - I came across this on Scoble's blog. Reminds me a lot of Snow Crash, a book I read recently. I love this kind of stuff. I've always been fascinated by virtual communities - BBS's (remember MUDs and LORD?), IRC, MMOGs, the Internet in general. I'll definitely have to investigate Second Life further. Haven't had time this week.

I watched Bill Gates' CES keynote. I think we're definitely making headway. I watch Microsoft-related stories on Slashdot and Digg and listen to a few podcasts to gauge the public's perception of the company (well, mostly the perception of a highly vocal anti-Microsoft minority). I think blogging, open communication, and our participation in events like CES really help us connect with customers and improve perception. My boss's boss's boss likes to say that perception is reality. Ponder it for a bit. Anyhow, ramblings aside, I'd give the CES keynote a 3.5 out of 5 - strong, but room for improvement. I got a bunch of IM's from friends noting that Bill is no Steve Jobs. I'm going to decline to comment, but will say that I'm glad he left the Powerpoint deck at home this time around. It seemed to work well. :-)

Lastly, this Flickr enabled WiFi LCD picture frame is really neat. If I had unlimited money, I'd buy up tons of toys like this for my home (after curing world hunger and disease, of course).

Anyhow, that's all I've got. I'm off to Whistler tomorrow morning for a weekend of skiing. Until next time... G'night!

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