Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sleeper Cell, More Skiing, Ramblings...

My good friend Jegan Paren Rajeswaran told me tonight about Sleeper Cell, a new Showtime series. I'm a complete sucker for these shows, and watched a few episodes. Not too impressed (the writing is a bit lacking), but it's enough to keep my interest.. for now. I also love the soundtrack, which I'll probably never be able to find or buy.

I took the day off of work and went skiing with my neighbors at Crystal Mountain. Taking the day off was bad, but oh did it feel so good! ;-)

Ski pictures are here, and I've posted video of Javila, Steve, and me on Google Video too (I was feeling especially dorky today).

Tomorrow, it becomes illegal to smoke in bars and restaurants in Seattle. This morning, I walked past a local bar having a "Prohibition" party tonight to celebrate the last night of freedom before it is taken away.

Smoking bans are a tricky issue for me. Other than a drag here and there, I'm definitely not a smoker, wouldn't date a smoker, and don't love hanging out in smoke filled rooms with poor ventilation. So for purely selfish reasons, I'm not gonna mind the smoking ban.

That said, all things considered, I'm not about forcing my own preferences on others on principle. But alas, the ban passed. All the better, I suppose.


Josh said...

A smoking ban just passed in Chicago yesterday. Now we just have to wait 2.5 years for it to take effect. Yeah, bars and taverns and restaurants with bars get 2.5 years to comply. Oh well, eventually we'll be able to breathe freely.

Steve said...

Adam is the one of the greatest Skiers Ever!!!