Sunday, December 04, 2005

Just Another Manic Sunday...

Did you see Live Meeting on The Apprentice this past Thursday?

Gretchen has posted some info on an opportunity to work at Microsoft on Live Meeting, and a link to a funny commercial. Hehe, I like.

On another note, I'm completely backlogged on my blogging - lots of cool stuff to write about and very little time.

On Friday, I had coffee at Microsoft with Mark Jen. Mark seems like a cool, bright guy. Thanks for hitting me up. :-) (BTW, if any other readers out there find themselves bumming around this neck of the woods, I'm always up for an afternoon dose of caffeine.)

Mark's friend introduced me to Have you seen it? Pretty cool concept.

Yesterday, I went skiing at Mt. Baker. First ski of the season, and an awesome ski it was! I'm hoping to get quite a bit more in this season.

Anyhow, having declared today Super-Productive-At-Home-Sunday, I hope to do some catching up on blogging and other "To Do"s. I'm also planning on launching another blog later today, with a specific focus on location aware software. Stay tuned.

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