Friday, May 13, 2005

Quoted in USA Today!

I was quoted yesterday in the Money section of USA Today in an article entitled Enter whole new world with your phone:

Recent University of Michigan graduate Adam Herscher spends $90 a month for a complete suite of services from T-Mobile, including Internet access.

That's a good deal more than his fellow Michigan students, he admits. "At first, when people see what I do with the phone, they say, 'Why would anyone want to do that?' Then as they're around me more often, their attitude changes, and it's, 'I need to do that too. That's cool.' "

He not only looks up maps, restaurant or movie reviews, he also transfers episodes of South Park and The West Wing that he recorded on his PC to his phone and watches them on the bus.

When Google co-founder Larry Page visited Michigan to speak to students, Herscher recorded the entire speech to his phone, then posted it on his blog.

"It sure showed a lot of people what was capable with new phones," he says.

Smart phones

The caveat is that Herscher used a "smart phone," which is slightly larger than the traditional cell phone — and more expensive. Smart phones, like the PalmOne Treo or Siemens SX66, are combination PDAs/phones that can hold calendar/address book functions, often have tiny qwerty keyboards, memory slots for storing pictures and music and a more enhanced Internet browsing experience.

Pretty neat!

Here's a decent review of my current phone.


Isaac said...


Looks like you're having a good time. You know, I saw Bjork a couple of times in that amphi-theatre in Caesarea which was super cool.
It also seems like you've been to Haifa.

Well, keep having fun!!

eston said...

Now that's very slick, Adamn.