Saturday, May 21, 2005

Another quick update from the road

It's now 2:30pm Saturday, and I'm at my friend Doron's place in Herzliya just north of Tel Aviv). The lack of updates is pretty much due to my not having been online at all over the past few days.

Masada and the Dead Sea were a great time. I'd have to say that driving through the Israeli desert in a small rental car flipping between radio stations blasting traditional arab music along the Jordanian border was like something out of a movie.

After returning to Tel Aviv, Greg and I went sailing with our friend Eli and his friend David on David's 37 ft yacht on the Mediterranean. We sailed from the marina in Herzliya all the way down to Jaffa south of Tel Aviv. Afterwards, we trained it up to Haifa and spent a couple of days with a group of tourists from my Dad's temple in Los Angeles. From there we visited the Tefen industrial park, Safed, and the Golan Heights. We had dinner at Decks, an amazing Argentinian steakhouse on the Sea of Galilee.

The next morning, Greg and I left the group and cabbed it to Doron's place in Herzliya, and last night we hit the bars in Tel Aviv one last time before Greg headed back to Michigan this morning.

I'd have to say the bars here are rather spectacular. The one we went to last night, Vox, doesn't open until midnight. If you get there early (before 1:30am -- which we didn't), you get a free drink special with admission. At around 4am, they open the huge outside patio, and the entire party moves from inside to outside. This place was crazy. The nightlife makes Tel Aviv such an amazing place -- we really need to re-evaluate our noise/liquor laws back in the US.

That's about all I've got for now. In a few minutes I'm gonna head back into Tel Aviv to hang out with my cousin one last time before I leave Israel early Monday morning. I've got some amazing photos to upload, title, and tag. Hopefully, I'll get to them tonight/tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll upload them all when I'm back in Ann Arbor. Expect a few highlights to be posted here!

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