Monday, February 14, 2005

New comments mechanism!


The Blogger team over at Google has finally improved the comments mechanism. Readers (you) can now post comments under your real name without registering as a Blogger user. You can also leave a URL to your own blog or other web site.

Additionally, blog comments can now contain some (safe) html tags.

I'm glad Google finally got around to making this improvement. It's been a looong time coming. I hope that some of the amazingly innovative UI features of Google's other services start trickling into Blogger soon (read: Gmail spellcheck!).


Total Dork said...

I feel like a total dork for commenting on my own post.. but I figure I've got to try out the comments mechanism somehow!

It's better than before, though I do wish it had an "Email me when people reply to my comment" option. That helps fuel conversation.

I also wish there were better mechanisms for editing and removing comments.

adamjh said...

Hmm.. seems it doesn't use the new nofollow attribute yet either. Hopefully that'll be an option in the near future.

I'd also like for the visitor to have the option of entering his/her email address (note, the option). Semi-random address manipulation would be cool too - a la Slashdot.