Tuesday, December 04, 2007

&& GTalk !<3 AIM?! :-(

Cool to see Google and AOL working together so that Gmail users can now IM AIM users. I personally prefer not to chat from the web page where I read my email, so I really hope Google Talk also gets this feature soon.

Two years ago, I had 4 IM clients installed on every PC. When Microsoft and Yahoo decided to partner, I was able to ditch YIM and knock the total down to 3. Hopefully soon, I'll finally be able to kick AIM to the curb as well.

It seems like every new version of AIM is more poorly designed, bloated, and unstable than the previous version. Most recently, the latest release of AIM completely screwed up my new laptop, and apparently it's been a widespread problem for people who run with UAC turned off.

I don't mind so much having both Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk running at the same time. They're both pretty solid, and are good for different things. WLM is featureful -- supports tablet ink, folder sharing by replication, and a bunch of other neat things. Gtalk is incredibly fast and lightweight -- almost everything's a single click away. I'd love to have a client that supported the best of both worlds, and interoperability between the two, but sadly, I suspect that's not likely to happen any time soon. ;)


joshie said...

AIM on GMail is a godsend for me and probably many others who spend their days sheltered behind corporate firewalls.

I can't remember the last version of the actual AIM client I used. It's been a couple years since I've had one installed. I use Adium on my Mac and Pidgin on my PC. They don't have all the features of the full clients, but I only rarely notice. I am not into video chat, so that absence is unimportant. And a lot of the animated crap the clients like to do now is just annoying anyway.

Alex Porter said...

Have you tried meebo.com? It's a web based client that's compatible with all of the major IM platforms.