Saturday, May 12, 2007

T-7 Days To China

I'm getting really excited about my upcoming trip to China. I've been eager to visit for years, and can't wait to get there (read: it's gonna be a long week at the office!)

I received my PhotoTrackr in the mail (the first hardware product to get a Supr Flickr infused r name?). It's a sweet little device. Immediately locked on to gps signals from my patio, and logs its location to memory every 5 seconds. It's smart too - goes to sleep when it stops moving, and wakes back up when it senses vibration. When I plug it into my PC, it plots my path on a Google Map, and tags any photos I took with the location I was at when I took them (based on timestamp metadata). Definitely plan to strap it onto my backpack in China, and can't wait to whip together an app myself that consumes the data sometime after I get back.

My trip to China is as follows:

Hong Kong (pics) - Friend and I arrive and spend 3 nights in a hostel we found on Then take a bus to Guangzhou.

Guangzhou (pics) - Crash at my friend's family's home for 2 nights. Fly to Yunnan.

Yunnan (pics) - Arrive in Lijiang (pics) and spend 3 days/nights exploring Southwest China's Yunnan province. Figure out what cities/hotels to sleep in when we get there. Just know we need to get to Zhongdian (pics) by bus/train to fly out 3 days later to Beijing by way of Kunming (pics).

Beijing (pics) - Spend 4 days/nights exploring Beijing. Sleeping at another hostel we found on Hopefully meeting up with a friend who used to work for Microsoft in Redmond/Beijing and now works for a Chinese startup.

Any backpacking/china advice is welcome. I've never done either before. :-)


Berno said...

I'm heading to HK in June for a 4 days. Keen to read your review about the HK hostel.

SaveDogs said...

Adam...totally off-topic here, but what hosting company do you like?

Dreamhost has sucked for me recently.
I saw LunarPages and it seems pretty decent...any thoughts?

adamjh said...

dunno. been a long time since i've had to host anything.

Summerrainx said...

Hrmmm.... eat all the dumplings you can, da nian jiao zi is really good, and famous!

If you are game for it, try out the turtle... :)

Have a blast!