Sunday, March 25, 2007

Work Fun

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I work on a relatively small team at Microsoft. We work on about 4 or 5 products that make up a subset of the System Center products, which are a subset of Microsoft Servers. I didn't leave college thinking to myself "I want to change the world by designing better IT Management products at Microsoft" -- it's just something I sorta fell into. It's not as sexy as the iPod or even the Xbox, but I've stuck around so far because I love the team, the culture, and the challenges.

This past week, my teammates working on the wildly successful Operations Manager product did their final build of Operations Manager 2007 (for the true geeks in IT out there, there's a 6 month eval version already available for free download).

It's gonna get lots of press this week at our yearly show in San Diego - but in the meantime, just wanted to say congrats to those guys and share a few of the safer pictures from the celebration. ;-)

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pds said...

Wow! Wild party...I feel sorry for the people who had to clean up after that :)