Saturday, February 10, 2007

Adam recommends.. The Sony VAIO Living Room PC

While I haven't had the chance to get my paws on one just yet, I've been drooling over Sony's new VAIO® TP Series Living Room PCVGX-TP1:

Just the thought of sticking one of these babies alongside my TV and 360 running Vista Ultimate gets me pretty excited..


Mike said...

Dude - this thing doesn't even seem to have cablecard support, which is a must have if you want to record HDTV. The video card also seems a bit questionable. This is what I want: VAIO Digital Living System VGX-XL3. True - it's twice as expensive, but it has everything to keep you happy for several years.

adamjh said...

I've more or less dismissed cablecard until machines with 2 tuners are available and have come down in price. My Comcast cable box has 2 tuners and records HDTV on both simultaneously for about $10/month.

The XL3 is beautiful, but at $3300 and still lacking the ability to record one show while watching another or record 2 shows at once, I'm gonna have to pass.