Sunday, June 12, 2005


Christopher Spera over at wrote a pretty great review of the i-mate PDA2k (another rebranded version of my phone) after using it for 6 months. He calls it a hands down winner among Pocket PC phones.

I've been pretty happy with it, though I concede it's a bit big to lug around all the time. I also feel kind of geeky whipping the monstrously huge thing out in the middle of a bar on a Saturday night.

So, I've been starting to look at some of the smaller Smartphones. Tonight I went bowling with some of the Microsoft interns and recent college grads, and one of the guys had just gotten an Audiovox SMT 5600 (the one currently featured on the Smartphone site's front page). It seemed pretty slick. My only real concern is the input method. I love the transcriber (handwriting recognition) on my PPC phone and the slideout keyboard. The intern with the new phone had a portable bluetooth keyboard that was pretty neat, and only about the size of my current phone when folded up. Hmmm...

Anyone out there own a Windows Mobile Smartphone? Any thoughts?

By the way, I'm also still looking for advice on good Podcasts for my morning/evening commutes. The only bearable ones I've found so far are This Week In Tech and Engadget (and the latter is only barely bearable). I'm looking for intelligent chatter (tech, business, world news, whatever..) more than music. Do any of you even listen to Podcasts?


Jay said...

I podcast a few of the Air America shows I like to listen to (Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, etc.) I can give you the links if you're interested.

I've listened to the Engadget one a few times, as well, and I think your evaluation of them is dead-on. I sure love their site tho :)

jeff said...

Samsung i730 is the only way to go. Check it out, best of nearly all worlds.

adamjh said...


Now all it needs is Windows Mobile 5!

joseph said...

i just got an audiovox smt5600, and its probably one of the nicer things i've owned, and hey, i even have a signed release of VS7.