Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hello, Microsoft.

As many of you know, yesterday was my first day at Microsoft. The past two days have been absolutely amazing. Most of the time was spent in NEO (New Employee Orientation -- pronounced like Neo from The Matrix -- Microsoft has so many acronyms that the corporate intranet even has an acronym searchbox on the front page ;-)), followed by an afternoon setting up my desktop and meeting with my team.

One of the highlights of my NEO program was the executive guest speaker, Martin Taylor. I'd seen his interview on Slashdot, and his interviews on Channel9 [1, 2], and in a way he's someone I really look up to at the company. So it was awesome getting to hear from him and getting to pose him a question in person.

Today, I got my dork badge. The picture came out surprisingly well. Yay.

Unfortunately, I don't have much else to say at this point. Not surprisingly, I'm finding myself in a bit of a difficult position. There's sooo much I'd love to write about from the last 2 days, but feel it's prudent to err on the side of caution and avoid accidentally disclosing a bunch of information that I shouldn't be disclosing.

I feel like on one side of the spectrum there's fired Google blogger Mark Jen (not to mention the Microsoft contractor who was fired for posting pictures of Apple computers on a loading dock), and on the other side of the spectrum there are Robert Scoble blabbing away and Gretchen from HR posting pictures of her corporate ID card. It's gonna be a while before I find my place in the mix.

As for what I'm actually doing at Microsoft.. I'll likely post a bit more on that in the future. Unfortunately, for now, mum's the word.

[Update: Want to read more about my experiences interviewing with Microsoft? Check out this post.]


Robert Scoble said...

Welcome to the borg!

adamjh said...

Thanks, Robert!

markjen said...

Hey Adam, congrats on the new gig. I'll be anxioiusly waiting to hear what team your own and what role you have :)

I'm actually up in Redmond often. Maybe I'll run into you sometime...

Isaac said...


All the best to you and good luck at MS. Like I told you, things are looking up, you're gonna do great! :)

Found a gym yet? ;)

adamjh said...

Heh -- Tzahi.. I found a greeeat gym. We'll hit it up when you come visit!

Jay said...

Congrats on everything! I'm sure you'll be great.

So are you the guy we can funnel all of our product enhancement suggestions through now for MS products? ;)