Saturday, March 26, 2005

flickr moblog online!

As you can see, the flickr stream is up and running. I'm pretty satisfied with it in general, though their systems seem to get bogged down from time to time. I am a bit disappointed that they feel the need to display ads alongside my photos despite the fact that I paid for the account ($41.77 for the year) which still has upload and image size limits.

It's also unfortunate that they've decided to restrict the ability to leave comments on photos to registered flickr users. One of the most difficult tasks in blogging/moblogging is building a community around your site. Not allowing the option for users to let anonymous visitors leave comments doesn't help. It's unreasonable to expect visitors to sign up for accounts with every web site they stumble upon. Blogger recently updated their service to allow anonymous comments. I hope flickr and other services do the same.

But overall, it still seems to be the best service out there, and I'm happy with it. I hope they continue to innovate, work out the kinks, and build an ever better service.

Over time, I'll probably be uploading more of my traditional photo sets into flickr. I have 3,679 photos (2.7GB) in 32 albums, so I'll likely write a script to pull them out of Gallery and upload them to flickr using the flickr API. Should be fun (seriously).

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Jay said...

Flickr also has a utility that works in Windows Explorer. You just open up a folder, highlight the pictres you want to send, then right-click and choose "Send to Flickr". Super easy!