Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Next Phone?

I'm debating over whether my next phone will be a Tornado or Wizard.

I was pretty sold on the Tornado after playing with one recently, but the Wizard is getting raving reviews.

Life is full of so many difficult decisions... ;-)


David said...

I stumbled across your blog from the GROCS website. I am applying for a grant with some classmates currently. I think we share the same interests for mobile devices. I recently purchased a HTC Wizard (Imate K-Jam). I am enjoying it. It's a little big, considering my last phone was an Imate Jam. We've probably met before, I interned at MS for the past two summers and I'm coming back fulltime next summer.

- David Harris

adamjh said...

Hey David,

Nice blog. What are you guys thinking about doing for your GROCS project? It's an awesome program -- good luck with it.

I've only played with the Wizard hands-on for a few seconds. Have you built any cool apps for it? :-)

Give the GROCS folks and Elliot Soloway my regards. Great people. Do you know what product group you'll be with when you come back to MS?